Friday Fun Desserts!

My company recently had a Chili Cook-Off where you could entire either a chili dish or a concoction into the competition.  My team decided to get creative and make a dessert concoction that resembled chili… it was called “Chilly Chili”!!  And let me tell you… it was delicious!!!  We adapted the recipe from the blog Because I’m Me .  We won 1st place in the Concoction Category and 2nd place in the Presentation Category!  Well , it’s finally Friday; and I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week!  Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle , that we forget to relax!!  Relaxing is an essential part of life.  In life we need balance, and you know what they say…too much of one thing (such as work!) is never good!  So make sure you take at least a few moments this weekend to relax and possibly enjoy some “Chilly Chili”!!  See pictures of the award winning “Chilly Chili” below!


*We only used vanilla and chocolate pudding

*We replaced the Boston Baked Beans candy with chocolate M&Ms (just in case someone had peanut allergies)

* We created Cinnamon Tortilla Chips to dip into our “chilly chili” (very tasty!)

Chilly Chili1  Chilly Chili2Chilly Chili3


Have a Blessed and Relaxing Weekend!!

Elle Zsanee

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