New Year’s Resolution?…I think NOT!

I’ve never been to fond of forced ideas or ways of doing things.  So instead of writing a New Year’s Resolution post on January 1st, I’m deciding to do a post near the end of the 1st month of the year!  LOL!  Just to give a little background, I’ve always been a bookworm, always made good grades in school, etc.  But despite my studious ways, in college, I never liked to study at the library!  I would only go to the library when absolutely necessary.  This was not because anything was wrong with studying at the library, but because the library put too much pressure on me to focus and I was already stressed enough from either preparing for a test or completing a paper/assignment!   I say all that to say this… I feel that the hype behind creating a New Year’s Resolution puts too much pressure on people to create this worthy, impressive, life-altering resolution that most of us, by the time you’ve read this, have already broken!  The definition of resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something.  But how are you going about doing something or not doing something??  The word “resolution” tends to  make us focus heavily on the destination, but not on the “how”…the journey to get there.  The journey includes steps, leaps, twists and turns, setbacks, smooth places, rough patches, and the list goes on and on.  When those 20 lbs. are lost, that money is saved, new house or car is bought, new business is off the ground, etc. we relish in our achievements…or do we??  I believe that we are not relishing in the actual achievement, but the act of achieving.  Achieving is the doing part, the part where we sacrificed, committed, put in the hard work to get to the point of achievement.  It’s the joy in saying that “I came, I saw, I conquered!”  I realized what I wanted, saw/recognized what it took to get there, and got there!  We’re proud and satisfied within our being because we stuck it out and maneuvered through the terrains of our journey to reach our “resolution”.  This year don’t get overly consumed with the “resolution” but with the “journey.”  It is the mapping out of the journey and sticking to it that really matters and deserves our full attention.  This year I’m heading out on a journey to expand, explore, and experience.  I am on a journey to find my passions, my purpose, and my unadulterated love for myself.  Unadulterated love- Love that pays no mind to flaws, but finds beauty and purpose in “imperfections.” :-) How are you going to reach your resolution…What is your New Year’s Journey??

New Year's Resolution?... I think NOT!

Be Blessed!

Elle Zsanee

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