Shade, but YES Shade: Find out why it’s OK to be Shady!!

Shade Tamar

“Shade, but no shade,” shady boots,” “throwing shade”….all these terms have recently become very popular.  From my recollection, the use of the term “shade” started with my girl Tamar Braxton from Braxton Family Values and Tamar and Vince. What can I say; I have a weak spot for Reality TV! :-) According to my handy dandy urban dictionary, the definition of shade is as follows:

“Keeping it Real, Stating the obvious, bringing light to questionable behaviors in a “non-judgmental” or slightly comical way. At times, when necessary, can be used to be condescending. The phrase can be placed where ever the user feels most appropriate “throwing” shade… in a sentence. This phrase gives the user a “pass” for saying something that may typically be viewed as off-putting/ offensive.”

As we all know, everything in life is open to interpretation. So go with me as I put a little spin on the definition of shade…

So we are now in the dead heat of summer, and I cringe every time I can’t find a close parking spot! I don’t care if I’m at work, at home, the store, etc…my #1 goal is to find the parking spot closest to the door; all in an effort to not have to bear the heat!! Yet, I’m not always so lucky…hence there are times when I have to make that long trek to my destination under the burning sun… :-(

But oh the JOY I feel when I see those shaded spots in the horizon!! If I see a tree, a nearby building, a truck, anything that can provide me a little shade from the sun during my walk, I am there! I will even opt to taking a slightly longer journey to avoid the sun and get as much shade as possible!

In life we all go through our seasons of “heat”. Heat refers to anything in life that causes stress, pain, heartache, sadness, anger, depression, and the list can go on and on. During these “heated” times, we could all go for a little shade… a little relief from life’s problems/issues. The relief may not last for long, but to just get that moment of “shade” from the “heat” is priceless.

So my definition of shade is as follows:

“Assistance that serves to provide relief and release from anxiety and distress; anything that lessens or removes the stresses of life.”

According to my definition, we all need to be “throwing shade” every chance we get!! Be that shade in someone else’s life from time to time! God knows we all need it!

So the next time you are tempted to be shady in the condensing way, remember the Elle Zsanee definition and switch up the type of shade you’re about to throw! You never know the impact it could have on someone’s day, and God willing, someone will take the time to throw a little shade your way too!!

Be Blessed


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