Theater Life!

So this past weekend, I went to see Porgy and Bess at the Peace Center Theater!  It was an awesome musical!  What made it even better was the fact that the story is based out of my hometown of Charleston, SC.  As some of you may know, my New Year’s Journey is centered on the following theme… to expand, explore, and experience.  Taking the time to explore different things such as seeing a musical is a great way to enhance your life experiences.  It exposes you to new people, places, interests, and ideas.  I truly believe that once you reach out and touch the world around you, you will discover how to impact the world around you; thus, getting one step closer to living out your God-given purpose.  When the opportunity knocks to try something positive and new, whether it be attending a Broadway play or skiing the slopes, open the door!  You never know what new things you’ll discover about yourself when you do!  What new things/experiences do you have lined up for this year?!

Porgy and Bess

Be Blessed!

Elle Zsanee

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