Throwback Thursday (#TBT) with a Twist!


Throwback Thursday or what we commonly see as #TBT has become a very popular social media trend. Every Thursday, people post and share pictures of their favorite memories from the past or what I like to call “back in the day!” Out of all the social media trends, this is my favorite because for a moment it makes us stop, remember, and appreciate the special moments in our lives.

It’s so easy to be consumed with life’s challenges and setbacks. The Throwback Thursday trend in an indirect way forces us to stop and appreciate our blessings; which far too often seem to quickly vanish from our memories while our troubles make a permanent home in our minds!

While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a picture that a soror of mine posted. It was a jar of blessings that she had created and filled throughout the year of 2014. The label on the jar read:

  • Surprise Gifts
  • Accomplished Goals
  • The Beauty of Nature
  • LOL Moments
  • Memories Worth Sharing
  • Daily Blessings

“Then on Dec. 31st, open the jar and read all of the amazing things that happened to you in 2014!”

 When I saw this, I thought to myself, “Wow! What a great idea!” This is an easy way to ensure that you don’t lose sight of how blessed you truly are, despite the troubles and setbacks you may face.

So with that, I propose we do a “Year of Blessings” #YOB. Write down those special moments and blessings that happen on a daily basis and place it in your jar. On New Year’s Eve, open the jar and reminisce on all the many blessings you’ve experienced throughout the year. You’ll be positioned to walk into a new year with a spirit of thanksgiving and expectancy for the future blessing to come!

Create your own blessing jar and start counting your blessings! You can use the wording expressed by my soror or create your own label! Create your jar, take a picture, and share what blessings you plan on counting this year! Use the hashtag #YOB. Here’s a picture of my Blessing Jar for 2015!

Blessing jar2









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