Valentine’s Day: Are you ready??

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but are you ready?! Find out how to create and enjoy a romantic retreat without stepping one foot outside your door with the help of Signatures Spaces, LLC.!! I caught up with the owners of Signature Spaces, LLC., Chantel R. Chalwell and Brian R. Porter, to get some tips on how to create a romantic retreat inside the comforts of your own home!! And of course, I’m giving you the scoop on how they’ve been able to find and utilize their gift!! Enjoy!

First, let’s find out more about Signature Spaces, LLC


Owners of Signature Spaces, LLC: Chantel R. Chalwell and Brian R. Porter

What is Signature Spaces, LLC?
Signature Spaces, LLC. is a home staging and interior redesign business based in the Metro Atlanta and all surrounding areas. The business promotes two aspects, Staging to Sell and Staging to Live. Staging to sell focuses on helping homeowners market their greatest investment by decorating their home that appeals to the broadest number of buyers. Staging to live focuses on refreshing or designing the home that gives that “wow” factor while adhering to the client’s lifestyle and budget. Our mission is to provide design solutions with custom creations.

In your blog posting, Passion is Everything, you said, “When it is all said and done, we all want to find our passion and live our dreams out loud!” I am in total agreement with that statement!! How did you go about utilizing your gift or “living your dream out loud”?
Chantel: “When I figured out what I was passionate about, I was well into adulthood, and at the time it was just a hobby. I didn’t think interior design was within my reach yet alone doing it on a professional level. So I began to research and was thrilled to find out that my passion was not just a hobby anymore but I could actually make a living doing it.” In essence when you make the decision to do what you truly love, you finally begin to live your dreams out loud.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you can give to those trying to find their passion or gift?
Pay attention to the things you do exceptionally well. Things that come easy to you but others may struggle with. God gives us all gifts and special talents. Take the time to observe and recognize what is extraordinary within you. We are obligated in our lives to not only discover our passions but create a path that allows you to find your purpose. If you are willing to do it for (free), without fame or notoriety, stop you may have found it!

What advice can you give to those who are trying to turn their gift into a viable business or better yet, utilize their gift for a larger purpose?
We are put on this earth to serve in some sort of capacity. Whether it is to inspire, challenge, influence, deliver, offer solutions, or perhaps to change an undesirable outcome. Our gifts should be used for the greater good. Even though you may have the natural ability to do something, it is wasted talent if you don’t engage and get in the game (life). In order to be taken seriously, first take the necessary steps. Do your homework and research, chances are there is already a roadmap in place you can follow. Utilize all available resources at your fingertips. Second, hone in on your craft and abilities. Read and study as many articles and publications on your area of expertise you can get your hands. Become the expert, be the go to person, this will not only make your business viable but it also will help set you apart from the benchwarmers. Lastly, invest in yourself and your gift. Adopt the mindset that success is within reach and your return on that investment will be immeasurable.

Here are a few tips from Signatures Spaces, LLC. on how to create that romantic retreat for your special someone….

1. De-clutter and tidy up the room…it should be spotless. No one likes to step on dirty clothes or other unmentionables!


2. Place a soft rug on the floor. It not only adds texture to the space, but also gives your feet a warm place to step on.


3. Invest in a new pillow. There’s nothing worse than trying to pillow talk with your boo and you’re laying on pancake shaped pillows. Think 4 or 5 star hotels. Luxurious linens, fluffy pillows and soft cashmere throw for cuddling.


4. Consider hanging a canopy, draped with sheer panels. This will add softness and make the bed appear airy and light, while giving the room a focal point.


5. Incorporate a mirrored tray and place it on the night stand. Add to the tray fresh flowers in a vase, along with a bottle of wine and wine glasses. The tray also keeps your side table items neat and organized.

5Wine Tray

6. Create a signature scent in the bedroom. This can be accomplished by shopping at local home décor stores that carry an array of pillow mists, linen sprays and the occasional perfumed sachets or the infamous fragrance plug-ins. My favorite thing to do is to burn a scented candle which makes for a win-win. The room smells divine and the candle light gives off an ambient glow in the space.


To get the ultimate design experience, visit Signature Spaces, LLC. !!

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