What I learned from a near death experience…


Yesterday morning on the way to work, I almost caused a major accident!  I decided to take a different route to work since the interstate traffic was backed up into the main highway.  It was the second time this week that it rained during the morning hours, and this was the second time that there had been a backup.  Due to this, and the fact that I was already pressed for time, I went another way.  While sitting at the light of a major intersection, I accidently start to drive forward thinking that the light had turned green…but to my surprise it had not!  Have you ever been at a light and automatically assumed that the light had turned green because the traffic opposite of you had started moving??  Well…that was me.  The light had turned green, but only for the turning lane!  So there I was, maybe a couple of feet away from a line of turning cars in the middle of the road!!  After a moment of shock, I reversed my car and waited for the light to turn green before moving again.  But before this happened, while sitting at the light, I had decided to check my phone.  I always thought that it was safer to use your phone at a stop light than while driving, but obviously, I proved myself wrong.  Even though you’re physically stopped, a cell phone can still divert your attention.  If I hadn’t checked my phone, I would’ve been more aware of the stop light before moving.  With that being said, I would like to share with you my 3 takeaways from the morning’s event:

  1. INVEST in a hands free cell phone device or DO NOT engage in any cell phone activities while on the road, regardless of if you’re driving or physically stopped.  Here are a couple of hands free devices you can try.
  2. PRAY!  Every morning I pray for my family, friends, myself, and the world in general.  I always pray for traveling mercies, and He came through for me big time!  They say that God watches over babies and fools, and I was definitely the fool!
  3. Our lives have PURPOSE!  The fact that I am able to write this post is a miracle in itself; I and others could have died yesterday.  God saw fit to spare our lives, which is proof that we are all put here for a purpose.  He will not be satisfied until our purpose is fulfilled; therefore, it is our duty to continually push toward finding and living out our gift…our purpose!


Be Safe and Be Blessed

Elle Zsanee


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